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The Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser House) is one of the most eccentric residential buildings in Europe and certainly one of the most famous in Vienna.

Located at the corner of Kegelgasse and Löwengasse, it looks like one of Gaudi buildings - just a few straight lines and total lack of regularity here. There's a lot of green, colors and intriguing forms. The building unfortunately can not be visited because people are living there, but you can see the front desk with a fountain, or sit at one of the fantastic tables in the cafe on the patio and drink coffee.

Completed in 1986, the building has 50 apartments (ranging in size from 30 to 150 sq meters), four restaurants and three public terraces. About 250 trees and shrubs grow here.

Good to know:

  • Hundertwasserhaus is one of the most famous architectural works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, built between 1983-1985 by the architect Joseph Krawina.
  • Similar homes have been built in other places: a Hundertwasserhaus was built in 1992 in Plochingen, in 1998/1999 in Darmstadt (called Waldspirale), and in 2004 began the construction of a similar home in Magdeburg (Grüne Zitadelle).
  • Hundertwasser took no payment for the design of the house. For him it was enough, that on this area nothing he would consider ugly has been built.


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Kegelgasse 34-38, A-1030 Wiedeń



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