Verkehrs Museum Dresden

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The Transport Museum is housed in the oldest building in Dresden - Neumarkt Johanneum.

It showcases a very interesting permanent exhibition called "Urban Transport", where you're able to see the original trams and railways which can be visited from the inside as well; the first models of rail routes, taxis, large historic cross bikes, motorcycles, motorbikes including long-forgotten manufacturers as Brennabor, Runge and Opel, and cars - amongst them the the first car race of the German Democratic Republic, which was the fastest car in the world at his time; the first German truck with cooling engine; a replica of the legendary Carl Benz and the first prototype of a Wanderer, which was never produced .

A lot of space in the museum is dedicated to naval shipping. Interesting exhibits here are valuable navigational instruments, replicas of ship parts and the gorgeous globes. Attention is drawn to a biplane in original size, hanging just above the entrance.

In addition to vehicle models we will also see interesting multimedia presentations and a huge railway mock-up, which has among other things a 625 m track, on which 26 locomotives are operating, with 5 built-in train stations and miniature streets with 115 moving cars, mostly those that we can see at the Museum in a larger scale.

Volunteers can give a unicycle ride a try, learn to tie knots, and for the little ones there's a playroom with numerous educational games.

The Verkehrsmuseum organizes temporary exhibitions.

Verkehrs Museum Dresden

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Augustusstraße 1, 01067 Dresden, Deutschland

Opening days and hours:

closed on Mondays, Tuesday - Sunday 10:00-18:00

Tickets adults:
7 €
Tickets children:
3 €


Additional information:

- children under 5 years of age free admission


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+ 49 (0) 351 86 440


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